Dreaming Animalia Series

Dreaming Animalia Series

The Dreaming Animalia Series is a series of experiential sound meditation experiences, inspired and guided by the animal kingdom and spirit. Each dreaming takes the listener on a journey through the layers of sound to discover and receive messages. So far in the series there has been three releases, Sacred Honey Bee Dreaming, Whale Star Dreaming and Red Elephant Dreaming which was launched at The Seven Sisters Festival in March 2018 and is OUT NOW.


Sacred Honey Bee Dreaming

What is Sacred Honey Bee Dreaming?

Sacred Honey Bee Dreaming is an adventure into the depth of sound, the power of music, and the messages available to us from the animal world and the Spirit world if we tune in and listen. Inspired by a channeled message from the 100 million year-old honey bee, Sacred Honey Bee Dreaming is an immersive guided meditation and musical experience. ‘Bee Dreaming’ is designed to take the listener on a journey deep into the soul essence of Bee; to reconnect to their inner storehouse of memories, visions and messages in search of healing, reclamation of personal power and ascension. Sacred Honey Bee Dreaming is a beautiful fusion of live-singing, guided meditation, chanting, pre-recorded soundscapes and music utilising sacred vibration frequencies, and live frame drumming.

Whale Star Dreaming

Whale Star Dreaming is the most recent in the Dreaming Animalia series. Whale Star Dreaming is a dynamic, immersive sound journey with the whales as your guide. Through a mystical union of their beautiful primordial voices, and ancient chants and rhythms, we go on an expedition deep into the sacred oceans, and up to the stars and beyond. Unlike the first in the series, Sacred Honey Bee Dreaming, Whale Star Dreaming has no spoken guide, no human direction. Only the whales and the music. So close your eyes, relax, and enjoy your journey with the whales...


Red Elephant Dreaming Out Now!