Elemental experience is an adventure into the depth of sound. Based in the Dandenong Ranges, in Melbourne's outer-east, Elemental Experience is the work of medium, sound engineer and performing musician Kaisha Hekimian. For the past 20 years her creative practice has revolved around exploring sound in a deep and multidimensional way, both as a live musician and an engineer. In recent times this has come to incorporate her work with Spirit as well, feeling called to share sound in the form of channeled ‘Animal Dreamings’ Kaisha’s work looks to create a space for healing, personal evolution and inner dimensional shifts in the listeners and audiences she performs for.

Dreaming Animalia Series

Dreaming Animalia is a series of experiential meditation experiences, inspired and guided by the animal kingdom and spirit.
It begun late one night when the Bee's whispered in my ear and asked that I make a sound journey for them to share their wisdom with
others... And so, Sacred Honey Bee Dreaming was born...

The Experiences

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Omg, I attended The Bee Dreaming in my little country town. I was blown away at how intimate it was. Our group was small, but I don’t think that mattered. The women that performed were amazing! Both on and off the stage. The Bee Dreaming itself took me to a place I have never reached before, I am eternally grateful for this!
Much Love

Faye Traralgon Bee Dreaming Workshop, 2016

The Bee Dreaming experience was one of the most wonderful, magical, beautiful meditations I have ever experienced. My heart was blooming after Bee Dreaming. Thank you so much for the amazing session.
Kelly Duncan

Kelly Duncan Traralgon Bee Dreaming Workshop, 2016

Sacred Honey bee dreaming has been a totally amazing and transformative experience for myself and my friends. Kaisha’s talents and gifts are encapsulated in an absolute unique experience that transports our souls to another level of awareness and healing.
Annabel Meyer

Annabelle Meyer Traralgon Bee Dreaming Workshop, 2016